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We help Visionaries grow an audience, scale and make a change in this crazy world.

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Our Brand Growth Program gives you access to an entire full-service marketing department that works

relentlessly month-over-month to transform your company into a scalable, world-class brand.

Why Mike L. Murphy Productions?

Storytelling Experts

Mike brings over 15 years of experience from working on monumental blockbusters such as Harry Potter, Iron Man, and Lord of the Rings and being an ex-Disney animator. He leverages this expertise to transform you into a niche celebrity, crafting a 'blockbuster' brand just for you.



If you want to diversify your offerings by launching signature offers (coaching, courses, masterminds, etc) and create a strong personal brand, my team and I can build it all for you.

This is exclusively for high-net worth individuals who are ready to partner with a trusted team who can build and manage their brand (limited to 6 partners only).


If you operate a business that sells to other businesses (B2B), then we can build you a client acquisition system to get qualified sales calls booked predictably.

This is the lowest cost, most scalable method to get leads that's working today.


If you currently sell a 'high ticket' offer over the phone, we can build you a story-based funnel that can 2-10x your sales.

If you want to free your time and no longer talk to tire-kickers who aren't clear on your offer, click the button to learn more:

Why Mike L.Murphy Productions?

Use Everyone Or

Just Who You Need.

We provide a custom-built fractional marketing department shaped to your specific business needs. You can leverage our entire team, activate specific team members as needed, or fractionally choose members to compliment your existing staff and marketing mix.

Why Mike L.Murphy Productions?

Always Transparent,

Always Accountable.

We treat your business as if it’s our own and understand the importance of each dollar spent. We pride ourselves on accountability and realize the critical nature of each decision we make. In addition to daily client interactions, we provide robust monthly reports that cover exactly how your money was used:,2 Column summary on wins and losses, KPI measurements, performance reports on advertising spend, hours used on each task by each position, and expectations for the next month. You’ll go over reporting and insights with our team, so you know exactly how your brand is growing.

Why Work With Mike?

As your new fractional marketing department, we empower you to concentrate on other vital business tasks, such as serving your clients, coaching your programs, leading your teams, and providing exceptional customer service. We zero in on your brand's growth using funnels and storytelling, allowing you to center your attention on operations.

We treat your business as if it were our own.

Our Products and Services

Done-For-You Coaching/Course Brand

If you're gearing up to launch a new course or coaching program, we've got you covered. We consult on your offer, curriculum, and pricing. Then, our team crafts all the assets you need: the learning portal, fulfillment systems, automations, and funnels.

B2B Lead Generation System

If you offer products or services to other businesses, we can enhance your message and transform your LinkedIn profile into a lead-generating funnel. We implement two robust, cost-effective lead outreach systems. Plus, we manage your campaigns, and you only pay us if we deliver results.

Call Funnel 'Story' Sales System

If you offer products or services to other businesses, we can enhance your message and transform your LinkedIn profile into a lead-generating funnel. We implement two robust, cost-effective lead outreach systems. Plus, we manage your campaigns, and you only pay us if we deliver results.

Content Publishing & Authority Building

We construct what Russell Brunson terms a 'silent funnel'. This approach allows us to dictate the narrative your potential clients encounter when they contemplate working with you. Our comprehensive services include content creation, audience engagement and growth, PR articles, and a complete overhaul of your social media branding.


At just 16, Mike made the bold decision to leave high school and chase his Hollywood dream. His talent earned him a spot at the university founded by the legendary Walt Disney, propelling him into a world of big blockbusters. Soon, he was animating, supervising visual effects, and writing/directing for powerhouse studios like Warner Brothers, Disney, and Fox.

But in 2011, Mike took another leap. He launched his first online training course on filmmaking, allowing him to bid farewell to his corporate roles in Hollywood. Today, he enjoys life in Slovenia with his wife and three children.

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