"Hollywood Story Funnel & Omni-Content Machine Strategically Grow Your List, Nurture Leads and Boost Revenue...Without Endless Sales Calls"

"Learn How We 2-10x Your Revenue At no Cost..."

Get Clients On Autopilot, No Sales Team Required


In order to prevent unqualified bookings, the button to book a call will only appear in 90 seconds.

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Boost Revenue 2-10x

Traditional 'high ticket' Call Funnels are not optimized.

Instead, you need a funnel that gets 4.7x more sales.

Cut Call Times By 70%

The old way of Call Funnels required long calls with uninformed leads. Our new way has only qualified leads book time with you, lowering your call time and reducing your sales team.

Traditional call funnels are complex, causing unclear offers and longer calls with uninterested prospects, needing more sales reps.



Use a Story Pitch Page: It filters leads for shorter, high-close-rate sales calls with less reps you need to manage.

100% Done-For-You

Compared to other options out there, we launch you in 10 days or less, and you don't lift a finger.

Our industry has become overwhelmed with hype and solutions that require you to figure things out on your own.

We are different:

  • 100% Done-For-You

  • Outsource Your Marketing

  • Automate Your Sales System

  • Reduce Your Sales Team Size

  • Increase Profits

  • Free Your Time to Focus on What You Do Best

Unlike others who hide their pricing until you attend a high-pressure sales call, we have a 100% transparency policy (see pricing below).

We prefer to work on commissions and reduce or waive our setup fee depending on your current business revenue.

Ready To Ditch Your Traditional Funnel For a Story Funnel?

We build you a custom funnel in 10 business days or less. We do this on a commission based structure.

What’s in it for us? As partners, we're performance driven. The more we make you, the more we make ourselves.

  • 1-1 Offer Consulting Session - To get your offer ready to scale

  • 1-1 Story Consulting Session - To clarify your message

  • 10 Day Story Funnel Build

    • Tech & Tracking

    • Copy writing & Graphics

    • Video Sales Letter Script

    • Calendar Setup & Reminders

    • Sales Pitch Script

    • Landing Page & Confirmation Page

    • Ad copy writing (Text and video script)

  • Ad Setup Directions - So your Ad Team can take action

    • Or have us manage your ads for an additional commission

  • Video Filming Consultation - So you film a video that converts, or we can outsource an 'explainer' video for you

  • Funnel & Campaign Optimization - So your funnel converts at least 1.5x your current one

  • Sales Process SOP - So you have a simple SOP to close all qualified leads who book with you

*Funding options available with no money down.

To Qualify For No Accountability Deposit:

  • You earn over $100,000 a year with the offer you want us to create a funnel for

  • Must not be banned from social media advertising

  • Minimum ad testing budget of at least $6,000

  • Must have business social accounts (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Must be able to scale current offer to at least $100,000 a month

  • Must have a digital product/course/service of at least $2,000 with high profit margins


In the Story Funnel Program, what if I my funnel doesn't earn enough to cover the Accountability Deposit? Do I get a refund?

Great question! If you don't have a validated offer (digital course / coaching program / service), the responsibility primarily falls on us.

We undertake the tasks of researching your market, designing your offer, and guiding you on how to sell it. Since we can't control aspects such as attracting leads to the funnel, your attendance on sales calls, or your success in closing leads, we can't offer a refund.

However, we're committed to continuously coaching you — reviewing your sales call recordings and advising on building your authority — until you recover your Accountability Deposit.

If I choose the commission based level of the Story Funnel Program, do I have to pay the Accountability Deposit and the commission?

The deposit lets us know you are serious.

Once sales come in, we deduct the deposit amount from commissions. In other words, we repay your deposit out of commissions (from gross revenue generated by the Story Funnel) so you have no risk, then all future sales pay us out the agreed upon commission on an ongoing basis.

Do you generate leads for me?

First off, we are not a lead generation agency.

Instead, we help you validate your offer, and/or build end-to-end funnels to attract and pre-sell your offer. You can continue using your current lead generation methods, or we can provide Facebook/Instagram and Youtube/Google ad services for an additional commission of sales.

What types of businesses qualify for the waived Accountability Deposit?

Businesses that generate at least $350,000 a year in revenue, have a legitimate high-ticket offer with a strong reputation and share our values are great candidates to partner with us and have us waive the deposit.

What data and analytics will you provide to track the performance of the sales funnel?

We provide robust tracking for the funnel and lead generation techniques to measure performance and make necessary revisions. This includes split testing page elements and setting up proper ad tracking so we can attribute sales to certain campaigns.

What is the process for collaboration and consultation during the 10-day building phase?

During the 10-day building phase, we do a deep dive analysis of your audience, improve your offer, and create high-converting video assets. We require a 80-day testing period with weekly check-ins and monthly KPI meetings.

What kind of ongoing support and maintenance do you offer for the Story Funnel?

We start with a 90 day contract to get you results. Then moving forward we'll agree to commission rates and what ongoing services you need.

We will continually be working to improve conversions and consult you on methods to boost your authority in the market. For an additional commission, we can also provide lead generation, ad copy writing and content marketing services to further scale revenue.

You'll get weekly updates and monthly marketing mastermind sessions for ongoing support and feedback. We'll help with sales call revisions and offer advice to maximize perceived value and conversions. We serve as your partners, so we all earn more by working together.

What happens if we are not satisfied with the service or don't see the expected results?

If you're not satisfied, we'll have an honest conversation to address concerns. We'll keep working with you at no additional cost until you get the expected results. If we decide to part ways, you can do so in the initial 90 day window.

Who owns the funnel and intellectual property?

In the Offer Builder program, you own your property 100%. You will build your assets inside whatever platform you choose (we suggest either Kajabi or our white label of the popular High Level app. Both have small monthly fees).

In the Story Funnel program, if you choose the non commission option, then you own your funnel assets.

If you choose the commission option, then we co-own the assets. If you then elect to keep using the funnel, but not pay us commission, you can buy us out for the full price amount (minus your Accountability Deposit). You have full access to the funnel pages and metrics so we all have full transparency.

We build all assets in a white label of Go High Level that we grant you access to. If you wish, we can copy the funnel over into your own Go High Level account. Conversely, we can build the funnel within your Clickfunnels account.

What is the difference between the commission, and non-commission levels of the Story Funnel Program?

In order to have skin the game, and make optimizing your sales funnel top of mind, we prefer to work on a commission based structure. This requires a small Accountability Deposit so we reduce our risk. This is because sometimes clients don't come through on their side of our agreement resulting in massive risk to us.

If you choose the non-commission level we will build your funnel only, and you have full rights to use it as you wish. If you choose the commission based level, then we build your funnel and optimize it on an ongoing basis.

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